DataTern, Inc.

DataTernDataTern, Inc. was established in order to commercialise selected intellectual property technology opportunities which originate from Amphion’s Partner Companies. DataTern initially acquired intellectual property assets from Amphion’s Partner Company, FireStar Software, which included patents, trademarks, software, and customers to commercial technology for object and relational database access and mapping applications under the brand, ObjectSpark®. DataTern has the potential to be an ever increasing source of future revenues for Amphion and its Partner Companies. DataTern is just another example of how Amphion is able to provide shareholder value through the development of good intellectual property and technology over long periods of time at its Partner Companies. Amphion’s Partner Companies currently own or control over 200 separately identified pieces of intellectual property, a number which is growing rapidly each year.

Amphion’s fully-diluted ownership stake in DataTern was 100% as of 30 June 2009.  DataTern is 100% owned by Amphion, it is consolidated into Amphion’s financial statements.



Richard C.E. Morgan - Chairman
Robert J. Bertoldi - Executive Director

Board of Directors

Richard C.E. Morgan - (Chairman) Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations
Robert J. Bertoldi - President and Chief Financial Officer, Amphion Innovations



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