Durham Scientific Crystals, Ltd.

Durham Scientific CrystalsDurham Scientific Crystals, Ltd. (“DSC”) is a spin-out from Durham University (UK) focused on the application of patented, unique semi-conducting materials to the field of medical and security imaging. DSC aims to commercialise its patented vapour phase growth process, developed to grow large crystals of Cadmium Telluride (“CdTe”) and Cadmium Zinc Telluride. The company produces radically improved and more cost effective semiconductor materials than are currently available, which are used in detectors for medical, security, and defense digital x-ray imaging.

Analysts estimate the total size of these markets to be over US $7 billion. DSC’s current market opportunities are for radiation detectors for industrial instrumentation markets and detector modules for the aviation security markets. Future markets are predominantly in the industrial inspection and the medical markets, where DSC will develop products based on both its True Multi View XRA™ imaging platform and detector technology.

Durham Scientific Crystals

Amphion’s fully-diluted ownership stake in DSC was 25.32% as of 31 December 2007, valued at US $9.7 million (2006: US $4.1 million).


Arnab Basu, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer
Mike Creedon – Chief Financial Officer
Ian Radley – Technical Operations Director
Ben Cantwell, Ph.D. – Technical Manager
John Mullins, Ph.D. – Research and Development Manager
Gary Gibson – Integrated Systems Manager

Board of Directors

Professor Brian Tanner, Chairman – Professor of Physics, University of Durham, Founder of Bede plc.
Arnab Basu, Ph.D. – Chief Executive Officer, Durham Scientific Crystals, Ltd.
Andy Brinkman, Ph.D. – Reader of Physics, University of Durham
Richard C.E. Morgan – Chief Executive Officer, Amphion Innovations plc



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