m2m Imaging Corporation

M2M Imagingm2m Imaging Corp. specialises in developing high performance magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) coils and accessories that allow for enhanced imaging for clinical and preclinical markets. Ultimately, enhanced images are necessary for better disease detection and faster drug discovery. This need has created a strong demand for solutions, such as the cryogenic coil.

Magnetic Resonance (“MR”) based applications are growing rapidly, fueled by the market’s growth and insatiable demand for new diagnostic, therapeutic, and image guidance applications and multi-modal solutions. The continuing growth of the global installed base of clinical and preclinical MR systems continues to provide m2m enormous opportunities for growth and it is estimated that the market is valued at approximately US $12 billion.

M2M Imaging


C. Richard Hullihen - Chief Executive Officer
William Patrick - Controller

Board of Directors

Robert J. Bertoldi - (Chairman) President and Chief Financial Officer, Amphion Innovations
Thomas Blum - Managing Director, GC Andersen Partners LLC
C. Richard Hullihen - Chief Executive Officer, m2m Imaging Corp.
Raymond McKenzie - Partner, Geninvest
Daniel Rice - President and Chief Executive Officer, Mayport Venture Partners
Zev Rosenzweig - Retired Vice President, Military Aviation Training, Bombardier, Inc.



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